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Rua Cedro Rosa, QD118 LT40

Niterói, Rio de Janeiro – 24344566

+55 21 98751 5104

United States

529 Meadow Hall Dr. Rockville,

MD 20851 United States

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ACT like the world depends on it Campaign

We were asked to design a series of 43 unique social media graphics approaching sensitive themes like human rights, climate change, woman empowerment, and other themes. They were shared across all BWC social platforms reaching thousands of people.

2020 U.S. Vote Campaign

Vote Like the World Depends On It is a non-partisan campaign designed to inform voters about the key global issues at stake in the 2020 election and encourage them to educate the candidates running for local, state and national office about what is stake, too.

We designed a set of social media graphics to promote the campaign and inspire action. You can check out the campaign online here.

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