we are a digital agency plugged into the network you need

We shape ideas.

We’re a group of creative minds with a shared purpose, vision and strategy. We help our clients transform our world by crafting projects that make a true impact.

Our business model is unique and strategic:

Criamente is a network-based creative agency, bringing together a team of global, multidisciplinary, talented and innovative professionals. From Rio de Janeiro to Washington DC, we’re plugged into the network you need.

This not only makes our services highly personalized and cutting-edge, but also competitively priced.

Our focus is to be connected to our client’s objectives and to the development of initiatives that promote social change and positive impact in our world.

We’re not worried about your size, name, or budget, but with the story and impact you want to create. So let’s connect, and together, we can make a difference!

How we do it

Strategic Planning

Everything starts with a good briefing. The project is studied in detail, which will come the first insights that will guide the strategy and action plan.

Creative Exchange

Our creative team works in multidisciplinary ways that goes beyond ideas, but with the focus on a more efficient communications for each client.

Technology Applications

We stay updated in real time about the latest innovations that are out there and available, offering the most effective and cutting edge technology.

Statistic Analysis

We analyze what was already produced and the results are evaluated so we can establish new paths for our clients communications strategy.

A team of talents

Eric Saboya

Art Director

Carine Correa


Leandro Berg


Paula Santos

Graphic Designer

Diego Cotta

Social Marketing

Robson Waterkemper

UI/UX Interaction Designer

Luís Henrique

Strategic Planning

Rachel da Silva

Graphic Designer

Carlos Sá


Ben Pickup

Video Producer

Michael Rostko

Digital Marketing Strategist