Michael Rostko

Digital Marketing Strategist

I had the rare opportunity to learn and experience marketing strategy on the ground floor, literally the basement of a retail shop. With nice college years hosted by the amazing people of Quebec, Montreal there was nothing left for me to do except bathe in a very moving sent known as ‘Cologne de Arrogance’. BUT — that is how I learned about digital marketing because no lesson is more powerful than squandering your marketing budget for results that equal to not a single thing if a single thing went on their last date.

I started using SEO to help me boost phone calls at my retail shop which kept the lights on. Luckily I met some great small business owners with whom I planned regular offline and online campaigns. These cross marketing campaigns would become the sandbox I needed to test brand identity, company culture, and quarterly sales goals and the real world.

My own successes opened opportunities with small to medium sized businesses who struggled to understand how connectivity impacted strategic planning. My strong business acumen and passion eventually transformed into an agency position where I problem solved with Fortune 500 companies, this was a learning experienced which taught me team led solutions v. lone ranger. Beyond working with clients I had the privilege of co-navigating an agency through its start-up to small business phase. Our team was young but we were setting records for ad management at Google Partner events.

My current pursuits involve mediums which move through experiences because if, ‘we [the marketers] are not having a good time’ and ‘you [the clients] are not having and good time’ then how can we expect a response from our consumers–what is the point? Performance numbers or team performance, vendor or partner, work or passion?

I am super happy to join Criamente, who’s team practices and preaches new efficiencies for navigating the complexities of marketing services today. I am a huge fan of modular systems, I think agencies need to operate networks for best results, I think today’s CEO’s, CMO’s and Marketing Directors are looking for these very types of agile partnerships.

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